fu-pa14 CB Gray Squirrel Powder Brush Customer Reviews

Makeup Brush

Great little brush! 5

Very soft brush- I am very happy with it, so much so that I bought the fu-pa 14 Ena gray squirrel powder brush before they were no longer available. Definitely as soft as described, however my handle is turning in the ferrule. I’m not sure why, since receipt the brush has been washed once and directions for only wiping after use have been followed. It still works fine just not sure why the handle is turning.

Excellent purchase 5

Very soft and springy, there are a lot of bristles in this brush so ideal for setting and buffing in product. Quite the work horse. Definitely recommend purchasing. Also much wider than expected, definitely worth it.

Simply perfect fu-pa 5

This is an amazing offer, a first class squirrel/goat (mostly squirrel) fu-pa at a price that can’t be missed by either a first time fude user or the true collector. I’ve bought some as bridal/birthday gifts they are that good. Used with long strokes (powder foundation) you can achieve light to medium coverage, and the skin glows a semi-glossy, even appearance. Just beautiful. The brush “acts” like an all-squirrel brush because of its softness, and the natural coverage, but the goat in it gives it the power to be an all around fantastic finishing brush, bronzer, blusher...keep it dry, away from oil and moisture and it will make your powder cosmetics look flawless.

A truly soft brush 5

This is a truly soft brush with a rounded head. The brush is made of gray squirrel and Sokoho goat so when applying powder foundation, it can blend well. What makes it so different is that the foundation is even on the skin and at the same time, with a sheer glow. Absolutely impressed! The CDJapan version is also cheaper than the original one but with the same quality. Totally worth the money.

the extremely soft brush 5

I bought this brush last month. I haven't used this in quite a while but I do really like it. There is a combination of gray squirrel and goat in here, but it feels more like a gray squirrel and it's just a great brush overall. I do really like this brush.

Fu-pa 14 5

This brush is perfect, amazingly soft, and definitely one of my all time favourites! I use this to apply my giorgio Armani neo nude powder and it works flawlessly. Super convenient to, the perfect size to keep in your handbag for touch ups on the go.

Love! 5

Ultra soft & so dense. A pleasure to use. I use it for finishing powders mainly because of the more fragile squirrel hair. And to blur out anything patchy. Love!

awesome brush 3

This brush is very soft! It works very well for pressed powder and yields an amazingly natural look! I love it and want to see more KOYUDO brushes on my dressing desk!

Perfect Size, Density, and Shape! 2

it's so incredibly perfect that I know it will ALWAYS remain one of my favs! Calling all brush lovers! You have to have this brush! this is an exceptionally good brush.. for a while I wondered about its size and left the best to the last.. and when I got it finally I was very happy! this is a super soft brush, covers the entire sweep or two, and it is to be used with powder products.. Be very gentle when washing it and caring for it.

Wow 5

I love how dense, soft, and plush this brush is. Great for dusting on finish powder, I use it for a very diffused natural looking application of bronzer around the edge of the face, to dot a bit of high color blush to accent the cheeks, and then to buff all of it out to airbrush perfection. Because it is part squirrel, I would recommend that you use it on clean or powdered skin rather than directly on moisturiser, sunscreen, or creamy foundation to prevent hair breakage. For men or those with oilier skin, I would recommend the Fuwafuwa with it super soft goat hair rather than this little beauty.


I am SO HAPPY with this brush! As everyone says, it is super soft, has the perfect density, and it picks up the perfect amount of powder and applies it seamlessly. It is such a pleasure to use. The size of the head and size of the brush are just perfect for someone like me who prefers shorter handles as they allow you to get closer to the mirror. I had been wanting to purchase the FU-PA14 for sometime now, but was not fond of the original black with green speckles handle or the white one. So when I saw that CD Japan released a limited edition with a matte black handle, I knew it was time for me to invest in the FU-Pa14. The handle is beautiful, simple, classy, feels really good in the hand and bonus, it has a flat bottom which allows you to store it standing on its own. Not only does it take up less space, it also keeps the hair better than having it down on its side. I just LOVE this new CD Japan handle design far better than the original ones and the bonus is that it cost ever less! Thank you CD Japan for making this limited edition available!

C'est top! AMAZING BRUSH 5

This brush is a special CD-JAPAN edition of the fu-pa14, the hair is exactly the same as original, but the color of the bristle and handle is different--which explains part of the price difference lol. However, I actually ADORE this matte black finish since it gives the brush a even more elegant image. With the combination of 80%squirrel+20%goat hair, this brush fulfills my desire for a super soft yet at the meantime flexible touch. Since it's natural hair, I use it on power products such as powder foundations/blushes. The hair maybe slightly dense to serve as a mere "powder" brush, yet it's just perfect for a sheer and addable coverage of foundation!!! It makes EVERY one of my powder products look less powdery, so natural just as if they have become part of my skin. In a nutshell, this is a brush you would't want to miss. Strongly recommended.

So worth it! 5

I jumped at the chance and purchased this brush when I saw the special edition price reduction. This is my first Fu-Pa brush that I own from Koyudo; despite the price reduction, the handle looks really expensive and classy. The brush is actually was a lot smaller than I thought it would be in person, but it fluffed out nicely after I washed it. It has the beautiful silky softness of squirrel with the resilience of goat. It is densely packed, but not so much that it will disturb your foundation underneath. This brush is incredible for buffing powder onto the face, and is excellent to use for the Wayne Goss buffing technique. I love this brush and it's a must-have if you love soft brushes.

Crazy Good! 5

There are almost words for this brush! I just thought I had great brushes already, but this one is beyond amazing. It is SO SO soft, yet very efficient. I use it for powder (mineral) foundation. Finish is light to medium. It feels like butterfly wings on the face, but very efficiently and quickly applies and polishes the powder. Fantastic! I ordered this one along with the fu-pa01 and fu-pa02. I am beyond happy with this purchase! I also want to mention the shipping was lightning fast! I got it faster shipped from Japan than many things I have shipped right here in the U.S.


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