Here is CDJapan Beauty's limited edition fu-pa14 Gray Squirrel Powder Brush!
This is CDJapan Beauty's limited-edition in a new color of fu-pa14, the super popular brush that has already sold a total of 700 units. The size of the top of the brush and the materials used are the same as in the regular fu-pa14. The bristles used are of gray squirrel, which makes the brush surprisingly soft, creating a very fine texture that enwraps your skin. They are not only soft but also very dense, which allows them to thoroughly apply powder to the whole face for a perfect result. Use it once and you will never want to let it go.
This time, we have made an effort to provide it as affordable price so that more people can try and experience the charms of Kumano brushes and fu-pa14 powder brush. KOYUDO directly handles the manufacturing process and delivers it to CDJapan Beauty without intermediaries, so we can offer you the best price. This price is only possible thanks to KOYUDO and CDJapan Beauty's mutual trust. The handle of the brush and the ferrule are a stylish black that makes it easy to use for everyone. The silver-colored KOYUDO logo adds to the luxurious feeling of the brush. This is a valuable product that you will not find anywhere else - do not let this opportunity escape! It comes in a pink KOYUDO gift box.

[Product Info]
Length: Full approx.115mm Hair approx.36mm Thickness approx. 30mm
Shape: Domed
Hair: Gray Squirrel, Goat
Usage: Powder, Foundation, Finishing
Softness (degree 1-10): 8
How to use:
Pick up a face powder, shaking off any excess powder. For larger areas such as your cheeks and forehead, apply the powder gently in a wide, circular motion. For the small area such as your around your eyes, move the brush from the inner to the outer corner of your eye.