Set of 6 brushes (Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Liner Brush, Retractable Lip Brush, Brow Brush) with a makeup pouch. Yakusugi is used for the handles.

YAKUSUGI (Ancient Cedar Trees)
UNESCO to add Yakushima island to the list of natural World Heritage sites in 1993 and it was registered for Japan's first World Natural Heritage.
The ancient Japanese cedar trees on Yakushima island grows from altitude of more than 500 meters above sea level on the island.
More than 1000years old cedar is only called "Yakusugi(Yaku cedar tree)."

1.Sublime fragrance of natural wood. (Contains resins of more than general cedar.)
2.Durability to be kept after hundreds of years.(A high antibacterial action and effectively avoid decay from good conditions.
3.Beautiful and elegant grain.(The same pattern does not exist as one in the world.)
and so on.
This luxurious cedar is used for make-up brush's handle.*Regarding to Yakusugi, which is used for make-up brush's handle; Yakushima island is registered the World Heritage sites and it is strictly prohibited to cut down Yakusugi. Therefore, this product is made from stumps of previously felled trees and trees that fell naturally in typhoons in Yakushima.
These trees are called "Domaiboku", which literally means buried trees in the ground.As you can see from its name, the handles of these products are made of 1000-year-old Yakusugi trees.

We DO NOT cut yakusugi trees for these products as trimming yakusugi trees is prohibited by law. The ones used for these products are those which were naturally blown down by typhoon or strong wind, and therefore are allowed to incorporate into production.Note that the quality is assured.
These brushes provide the perfect finish to your makeup as they use high-quality red squirrel hair. Please enjoy the perfect handles and bristles.

Red squirrel hair, with its rare, will provide gentle feeling on your skin, resulting in a flawless finish.
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- Set contains
Powder Brush: Ideal to use this for a quick dust of powder or for an overall flush of bronzer. The dense head picks up perfect amount of powder and evenly apply it to your skin as well. It creates a flawless application every time. Overwhelmingly, soft bristles are great for loose powder products including setting powders, illuminators, bronzer or blushes. Not recommended for pressed powder as the hair might get damaged.
Softness (degree 1-10): 9

Blush Brush:This medium-sized blush brush head deposits powder blush smoothly along cheekbones to shape and define features. Perfect for contouring and highlighting to brighten up your face and give a more awake look.
Softness (degree 1-10): 9

Eye Shadow Brush: Use for applying eyeshadow on whole lid or to specific areas on lid. Lovely soft hair and the tapered tip makes eyeshadow blending pretty easy as well.
Softness (degree 1-10): 9

Eye Liner Brush: The soft rounded brush that makes applying eye shadow with precision easy. Ideal for softening and smoking out liner all round the gentle areas of the eyes.
Softness (degree 1-10): 9

Lip Brush: Apply your lipstick, lip gloss or stain with perfect precision even when you are on the go. The bristles are packed densely, so it does not bend during application. The Kolinsky hair is enough soft, with just the correct amount of density that gives a perfectly soft stiffness for application.
Softness (degree 1-10): 5

Brow Brush:This eyebrow brush with a precise angled tip that provides pro quality application of brow color. It features a short, slightly stiff angled head.
Softness (degree 1-10): 3

Product Info
Powder Brush: Full 16.5cm (6.4961 in) Hair 5cm (1.9685 in)
Blush Brush : Full 16.5cm (6.4961 in) Hair 4cm (1.5748 in)
Eye Shadow Brush: Full 14cm (5.5118 in) Hair 1.5cm (0.5905 in)
Eye Liner Brush: Full 13.2cm (5.1968 in) Hair 0.7cm (0.2756 in)
Lip Brush: Full 11.5cm (4.5276 in) Hair 0.7cm (0.2756 in)
Brow Brush: Full 13.3cm (5.2362 in) Hair 0.8cm (0.315 in)
Box: L230 x W150 x H45mm

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