Impressive collection of 8 professional-grade brushes. Premium Gray Squirrel Hair - Softer, Denser and Silkier than stiff animal hair. The brush set made from gray squirrel hair, has value as a rarity and best for makeup, leaves a gentle impression for lasting performance. Perfectly apply powder products. Hand made with red solid wood handle and gorgeous black ferrule. Comes with a case that you can easily carry out the brushes.

Set contains
Finishing brush (Gray Squirrel): Perfect for lightly sweeping powder. This is a nice applicator with an airy-blended look once applied to the face. Easily helps remove excess powder to create a radiant look after makeup is applied.
Powder brush (Gray Squirrel): Pretty tightly packed head. The very soft bristles allow for soothing application of facial and bronzing powders. Slightly tapered bristles to contour the face and help build gorgeous coverage as needed.
Blush brush (Gray Squirrel): The head is perfect shape for shading and highlighting cheeks and face. It provides you a super smooth and evenly finish and does not need to be blended or buffed separately.
Eye shadow brush L (Gray Squirrel): Use with lightest shade of eyeshadow. Soft bristles and full rounded shape help blend colour to entire eye from lid to brow bone. When all eye color has been applied, gently sweep brush over whole lid to blend.
Eye shadow brush M (Gray Squirrel) : Great for applying highlighting shadow in one sweep and blending all shades of eyeshadow for a seamless finish. It is also ideal for applying shadow into the crease.
Eye shadow brush S (Gray Squirrel): The tip is tapered for softer, more professional make up. Perfect for blending, smudging and applying shadow to the contoured areas of your eyes.
Eyebrow brush (Water Badger): The tip is angled, so perfect for creating a smooth line across upper and lower lashes and adding definition to eyebrows. You can apply liquid, cream, or powdered liners.
Lip brush (Mustela sibirica): The bristles are packed densely, so it does not bend during application. The Mustela sibirica hair is enough soft, with just the correct amount of density that gives a perfectly soft stiffness for application.
Comes in a paulownia wooden box.
Please note that the case might be changed.

[Product Info]
Finishing brush: 16.5cm ( 6.4961 in) 5.2cm (2.0472 in) Softness (degree 1-10): 9
Powder brush: 16.5cm ( 6.4961 in) 5.2cm (2.0472 in) Softness (degree 1-10): 9
Blush brush: 16.0cm (6.2992 in) 3.8cm (1.49606 in) Softness (degree 1-10): 9
Eye shadow brush L: 14.2cm (5.5905 in) Softness (degree 1-10): 9
Eye shadow brush M: 14cm (5.5118 in) 1cm (0.3937 in) Softness (degree 1-10): 9
Eye shadow brush S: 14.2cm (5.5905 in) 1.1cm (0.433071in) Softness (degree 1-10): 9
Eyebrow brush: 13cm (5.1181 in) Softness (degree 1-10): 3
Lip brush: 11.5cm (4.5276 in) Softness (degree 1-10): 4