This is the LAST chance to get it at this price!

Using red squirrel hair, which has value as a rarity. It is very rare item that we may not able to restock it after it runs out of stock. Moreover, due to the increase in raw material costs, we anticipate a possible 10%-30% increase in the price of this item with future stock. So, if you want to get one at 8000 yen, now is the time. Don't miss this chance!

Rounded, flat red squirrel bristles are ideal for sweeping color along cheekbones and applying to apples of cheeks. Also perfect for highlighting under eyes and forehead. The soft red squirrel hair provides an excellent touch feeling. Give it a try and check how soft it is! It comes in a beautiful paulownia box. Note that it is perfectly normal for you to see 2 or 3 pieces of hair fall out when you first start using the brush.

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