White Kinoko (Mushroom) Brush / Koyudo H Brush Series Black Customer Reviews

Makeup Brush

Definitely a collectible 5

This is definitely a brush made for collectors due to the cost but the quality of the whole product is amazing. The brush head appears smaller before wash but fluffs up so much after just a single wash. This needs to be washed and dried carefully though, to retain the softness and shape. It is one of the softest brushes I have but not THE SOFTEST. Still, this is a must-have in a collection just cos of the quality.

Amazing brush! 5

It’s my favorite brush for Guerlain meteorites and bronzer. Big, soft , work excellent! Using this brush, you will get real pleasure! Highly recommend!

Recommended brush! 5

So soft and beauty brush. When I see it between my make up, it's WoW. Goat hair in this brush is pretty fantastic. I don't khow why, but it is not same with others. If you want to buy a good brush, this is your destination.

Price drops! 4

I bought it at the price of 13200yen. Now it's 11000yen. How did it happen? Koyudo's bonus? Anyway, it's an excellent brush except for the price.

A lot more than meets the eye... 5

I want to give this one 10 stars... not just because of its beauty, craftsmanship and quality, but also for versatility. I originally believed that this one was going to be used only for finishing powder... BUT nooooo I reach for it for ALL powders and just use different angles or simply squeeze the bristles and mold them however it will suit my needs best. So I use it for bronzer, and blush just as much and for setting powder. Very useful this one... An impulse buy that turned into a "I'm so glad I got it"

Handy and fun 5

It is a fun to touch and look. Creamy soft and still resistant enough for picking up hard pressed powder or brownzer. Not very dense, so it means for light coverage to medium coverage, which is good for winter or dry skin to enjoy. lovely to have it !

The softest Kabuki brush 5

This is the softest kabuki brush I've ever owned, and beautifully designed. I use this mostly for finishing or dusting off excess powder. It is a bit too large to get into the finer details of the face, but it is good for covering the large areas if your in a hurry. Very luxurious.

Beautiful mushroom brush. 5

Like others have mentioned, I think I became interested in this brush when Sonia at Sweet Makeup Temptations raved about it on her blog. I caved and bought it and have not regretted it one bit. It is made of the softest goat hair and it's perfect for buffing in powder or powder foundation. Powder doesn't look "powdery" at all but instead seems to sink into the skin. My only little nitpick is that I think it's a tad too big for my tastes, but that is just personal preference and doesn't reflect at all on the quality of this brush.

A sensuous, heavenly cloud... 5

I bought this brush at the advice of Sonia at Sweet Makeup Temptations, who is the Goddess of makeup brushes. This is one of her favorite brushes--and CDJapan is THE go-to place for Koyudo brushes. This is my only white mushroom (Kabuki) brush, and it is as soft as a cloud. Craftsmanship is unbelievable! I can't stop brushing my face and neck with this lovely brush. Believe me, it is worth EVERY penny!

My Number One Favorite Brush 5

I recently got hooked on Japanese Brushes and have been slowly buying the recommended brands from a blogger who is addicted to the best brushes. I bought the 10 brushes from the Chikohudo Z line which is their top of the line. The brushes are made of squirrel and are the softest brushes I have ever felt! Then I bought this Koyudo White Kinoko Mushroom brush. Not squirrel but so, so, so soft - as soft as the squirrel. I love the Chikohudo brushes I have but this Kinoko tops it because the shape and look of the brush is so adorable. I take it out once in a while to admire it! I haven't used it with make up yet but I brush it on my clean cheeks everytime I take it out. I can tell that it will be exceptional when I finally apply/blend makeup with it. Just the feel and the look of the brush, it is worth every penny I paid for it!!! My next purchase will be the Koyudo Fu Pa brushes.

A must have 5

Great brush, I use it for a bronzer and powder application, and as a finishing brush. It's really really soft, and very efficient. Great for the Hourglass ambient powders. Travel friendly, easy to wash. Love it.

Versatile brush 5

I use this with my finishing powder, to dust of excess powder, or to remove fallout. This is one of the softest brush I've ever felt. Its application leaves an HD finish -- highly recommend!

Favorite! 5

This white kinoko is a very large, fluffy powder kabuki. It is soft, it is beautiful. I love this for a sheer, all over application of powder. Seriously feels like silk on my face. I would buy this again in a heartbeat. Please go get yourself one, you'll be amazed and ready for more brushes from this talented company.

Worth It! 5

This is the perfect finishing brush for me. The goat hair is one of the softest I've ever felt. This brush is worth every penny and if anything were to ever happen to it, I'd order a replacement right away. I'd recommend ordering soon as the price seems to have gone up slightly.

Sensually soft brush! 5

This brush is so soft, it feels creamy. Wonderful size for a powder brush with good control, not too big or sloppy. Will not fling powder or spray it into your hair. I love the softest brushes and this is in that category. Great size for traveling too. Very highly recommend!


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