Its short handle allows for controlled application while its dense head creates a flawless result. It uses the highest quality goat hair "Saikoho" which delivers you an extra soft feeling. It will help apply even amounts of powder to the face for full and even coverage. Use with your favorite loose, pressed powder to give the skin a flawless finish. Perfect for sweeping away excess powder when you have finished blending as well. It comes in acrylic case.

[H Brush Series]
Ultra smooth kabuki, kinoko brushes which make the powder perfectly blend to your skin and helps your makeup to last longer.
Features wide brushes, super-silky touch and provides shiny skin with a single stroke. Mushroom shaped brush made of top grade hair. The edges are untrimmed and has an ultra smooth touch. Compared to make-up sponges, the foundation will stick to your skin ever so softly and naturally.

Full 78mm (3.07in.) Hair 48mm (1.88in.) / Package Size: 90mm x 125mm x 85mm / Shape: Domed / Hair: 100% top-quality Baby Goat Chest Hair (saikoho) / Handle: cherry tree / Usage: Powder, Finishing / Softness (degree 1-10): 8