[Machine Translation] From the popular comic "Bungo Stray Dogs" comes a figure of Osamu Dazai as a 15-year-old! Based on an illustration by Harukawa 35-sensei, the figure faithfully reproduces the delicate use of colors and the expression on his face, which shows his optimistic view of the world. The figure is posed with a black cloak draped over his shoulders in a strikingly ennui-like pose, and the figure's slender arms and legs are a perfect match for a 15-year-old, while his fine suit and bandages cover the bottom of his clothes, creating an unbalanced gap that is sure to be enjoyed by fans. The figure can be displayed side by side with the Nakaya Nakahara original version (15 years old ver.), which was also released at the same time, to recreate the original illustration. The exquisite relationship between the young "Futaguro" and the 15-year-old Osamu Dazai, with all the fragility and danger of a 15-year-old, is sure to be a delight to display in your hands.