Holy notebooks featuring high quality Yuzen Washi paper in a bright neon print, which are no where else to be found. The pages are not cut like a regular notebook. One long page is folded in an accordion-style into 11 folds. Holy notebooks are used when visiting shrines and temples. If you hand the notebook to the monk or priest, they will handwrite the name and date using traditional Japanese calligraphy and stamp your notebook with a unique stamp. These stamps are originally a reception stamp called "Goshuin Stamp" in Japanese given to those who practiced shakyo--copying Buddhist sutras by hand. Nowadays, the stamps are given to those who visit the shrines and temples. In recent years, these are used for various purposes such as a traveler's notebook, bullet journal, or for illustration. Still, Goshuin stamps are considered holy and one should always take care of the notebook and show respect to Buddha as the notebook carries the owner's wish in it. Comes with a title sticker.