[Machine Translation] From the anime "YuruCan " comes a set of Shima Rin and her favorite scooter. She is sitting on the seat of the scooter in a relaxed pose. She comes with two different hairstyles, one with a knit hat and the other with her head in a bun, as well as two different accessories: a tea can and a smartphone. The scooter has been sculpted in a cute form with sharp details, and is a perfect match for the figure. The fully loaded luggage also has a realistic finish and adds a lively atmosphere to the entire modeling. The scooter can also be displayed by itself with the figure and luggage removed. [Sculptor] Tanaka Sen'u ( Shima Rin ), Miura Osami ( Scooter ) [Color] Yasuhiro Watanabe ( Shima Rin ), Miura Osami ( Scooter ) *The price includes the 10% consumption tax that will take effect in October 2019.