This is a mobile phone case featuring suction pads to hold your device. Easy to use a camera feature only by sliding up your phone with your fingers. *This is a limited release available only at their official site and CDJapan.

[Size (Folded)]
Size S: Width 68mm x Length 130mm x Thickness 15mm
Size SM: Width 68mm x Length 141mm x Thickness 15mm
Size L: Width 78mm x Length 151mm x Thickness 15mm
Size XL: Width 82mm x Length 162mm x Thickness 15mm

[Recommended Device Size (Less Than)]
Size S: Width 58mm x Length 125mm x Thickness 10mm
Size SM: Width 58mm x Length 136mm x Thickness 10mm
Size L: Width 68mm x Length 146mm x Thickness 10mm
Size XL: Width 72mm x Length 157mm x Thickness 10mm