The "Takumi" make-up brush series uses the highest grade goat hair called "Saikoho". The hairs used in this high-end make up brush series were handpicked by Mr. Tesshu, the brush artist himself. The Saikoho hair is as soft as a gray squirrel's hair and also has the strength of a goat hair. The product has no added color, because we wanted make its texture stand out. The brush is white, just like the original goat hair. Experience the ultimate make-up brush that was created from years of experience and passion by Mr. Tesshu's establishment.

T-11 Liquid brush is applied quickly and evenly, giving you a transparent skin. The voluminous tips fit snugly around the eyes and can be covered naturally. You will use less foundation by using this brush than sponge.
Usage: Foundation / Softness (degree 1-10): 8