Z-11 Blending / Chikuhodo Z Series Customer Reviews

Makeup Brush

Impressive 5

I'm hopeful to see this brush here in the future. It's a soft brush with a simple yet an elegant design. The handle of the brush is light. Overall it blends things well creating subtle shades of different colors. This is one of my favorite brush manufacturers

excellent for blending 5

I have small eyes and mature skin. This brush is the right size for blending eyeshadow without tugging at my eyelids. It is so soft and yet blends gently and beautifully. I reach for it the most of all my eye shadow brushes. Dont know what i would do without it.

Perfect brush for contouring 5

If you're into Korean makeup, you would've seen how facial contouring is done and this is the perfect brush for doing it imo. I've been using this brush for contouring my nose and eye sockets. It picks up the right amount of pigment each time and is so gentle on my eyes. It might be a little pricy, but its well worth it.

blends better than I thought 5

It's ultra soft but still resistant enough to give a perfect blending. I didn't expect it to be so powerful. I also have the Mizuho CMP527 Gray Squirrel/Pony, which is a little bit scratchy at certain angles (but most of time not scratchy), I prefer this Chikuhodo Z-11 to Mizuho CMP527, for the softness & beautiful handle.


It is the softest brush I own. Very silky and a great option for those with drier, more delicate lids. When the brush is super soft it moves the skin much less making for a smoother blend on maturing skin.

Oh it is so soft 4

I love the softness of this brush but I like an un dyed bristles more one main thing is this squirrel bristles do not blend that well oh this is just my own personal used thanks for letting me share this

good brush 3

Very good and soft squirrel brush for dry foods. I use every day. I really like it. My rarely (I'm afraid to spoil), mostly I use a towel to clean. I want to buy another one

Perfect blending brush 5

Again, perfect handle length (some might find it too short, it is shorter than all my western brand brushes, but i love it!). I use this brush mainly to blend out my smokey eye makeup, it is so soft and has never hurt my lids. It is a little large for blending details or a selected area but as an all-over blender, it works great!

Perfekt transition brush 5

It's the perfect brush for the transition. It is super soft and blends everthing like a dream in the crease. My absolute favorite eye brush. I highly recommend it.

Best blending brush, ever. 5

Oh my, where do I begin? My life has been changed by the genius Z-11. I mean, I don’t think I can do an eye makeup anymore without it, and I wonder how I ever did my eyes before it came into my life? I’m a blender brush fanatic - I never thought there was a “perfect” blender - some came close, and I tried everything, from synthetic to high end. Either too soft, too firm, too splayed out, And then this small wonder arrived. It actually does ALL the work for you - it seems to know how much to pick up (I usually start with transition color) and deposits and blends shadow without wiping it away. The ultra silky grey squirrel hair blends & polishes, using an easy back and forth in the crease. Then I carefully clean off that color on a cloth, or use another (yes, I have multiples!) and it it works as a petite crease so perfectly, the magic continues - If I’m in a rush, I’ll use it for my lid, too, it has great saturation for squirrel - this performs almost like goat when you want it to, if you load it up. Also makes a great nose contour, fine highlight detail (cupid’s bow, below brow, forehead, etc.) Winner of best blender brush! My search is over!

Silky perfection 5

The Chikuhodo Z-11 is the newest Chikuhodo baby sister in the eyeshadow brush Z family. I got it today and didn't use it yet. It's not just soft, it's more on a silkier feel. It's on a smaller side than a typical large blending brush. It's also round (Suqqu L brush has a pinched ferule) and beautifully bundled. It will compliment really well with the Chikuhodo Z-10 eyeshadow brush to finish and blend the look to perfection. I welcome this new member in my collection.


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