Beautiful, colorful maki-e on Yamanaka lacquerware, a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture.
Makie: a unique Japanese art and craft where patterns are applied in lacquer on the surface of a lacquered object. Before the lacquer dries, metallic powders in gold, silver, and other colors are sprinkled and set on the surface of the object. During the Momoyama period (A.D.1573-1615), objects decorated with maki-e made their way to Europe's nobility and royalty via missionaries who had visited Japan. Large volumes of maki-e were exported. It is this colorful maki-e that has been applied to the handles of these brushes by craftsmen using printing techniques. Enjoy your fill of a collaboration between the beauty of the completely clear, black lacquer and the gorgeous maki-e.

Retractable ferrule with a traditional Yamanaka-nuri style maki-e for covering to protect bristles, clean and portable. It fits perfectly in your purse or a travel kit. Dense and soft bristles works for any kind of base to help you achieving desired flawless finish look. Great for powder foundations, bronzers, blush, finishing. The bristles are very soft allowing for light or heavy application.
It uses the highest grade gray squirrel and goat hair.

Usage: Powder, Bronzer, Finishing / Softness (degree 1-10): 8