[Machine Translation] This book is a pronunciation textbook designed to help learners of Japanese learn to speak with smooth pronunciation from the beginner level. There are no explanations using difficult technical terms or monotonous repetition exercises. The course uses easy-to-understand illustrations and tasks such as conversations and speeches using elementary sentence patterns to help learners acquire the characteristics of Japanese-like speech, including intonation, accent, and phrasal pauses. The accompanying CD contains natural sounds of young people in Tokyo, so you can enjoy repeating and shadowing without getting bored. The CD also provides practice methods for special pronunciations that Japanese learners have difficulty with, such as "long vowels ( )" and " ( )," which can be practiced on your own while looking at the image chart, thus encouraging autonomous learning of pronunciation. The units are organized in the order of submission of common elementary sentence patterns, and each unit is accompanied by pair work and tasks, so that students can use the book as a collection of activities to consolidate elementary sentence patterns in the classroom.