[Machine Translation] Hokuto Matsumura and Tatsuki Tanaka ( SixTONES ) The invincible Gemini man. The latest edition of things that are good for your body! Good for your body 2024 / Spring! We tried them all and chose the best! The spring prize for things that are good for your body. Saving the neck and shoulder stiffness and pain of the generation that uses cell phones and computers a lot! Recommendations for strengthening "long neck muscles" to move them correctly. Preventive care before sandal season. The latest in toenail care to protect the health of your legs. Are you suffering from pain that you can't tolerate? Recommendations for outpatient headache care. From hard work to easy intestinal activity. Let's start "Yuru Nurturing Bacteria" to energize the bacteria in your intestines. Akari Hasegawa's recommendation! Rough skin, tiredness of stomach and intestines, irritability... Effective for spring disorders! Recipes to help you feel better. The brain is the cause of mental illness! An introduction to mental health for a stress-free life. Haruna Kawaguchi: A person who trusts her own size. There is surely a way to deal with it that is unique to you. From menstrual pain, cycle disorders, PMS to disaster prevention measures. Femcare consultation you need to know about now. We asked Ms. Rie Tomosaka. What you can do to face your body as you are. Talking about it will change your everyday life. FRIENDS Haruna Kondo and Kanna Mori SISTERS Miyako Takayama and Naoko Takayama / COUPLE Hirotake Urabe and Yu Takahashi From inner care to hot spots! The Journal of Body Tone. CLOSE UP Eiji Akachu: A vivid latent heat. Inoo Satoshi ( Hey! Say! JUMP ) Drowning in a gentle trap.