[Machine Translation] What we can do now. Ethical Action 2024, the SDGs, a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about the world today. Latest SDGs Journal Circular agriculture, animal protection, upcycling... We are passionate about SDGs because we "like" SDGs! His/her SDG actions. Consumption creates a gentle cycle. Ethical and delicious. Plant-based, it's a new food culture that also satisfies desire. Air Stairway, Suzuki Mole, and the latest meat alternatives. Clean for the earth and yourself. Conscious beauty you want to know about now. Ethical travel" is a choice. Okinawa is a place to know and enjoy. Sexy Zone We are Sexy Zone. SZ Art Thick paper pinup From things to be prepared for to tips on how to prepare for disasters. Useful "disaster prevention" that you want to put into practice right away. WINK of LIFE vol.1 Yuri Hanamori, Mio Ishikawa, Riri Nanatsumori, Rira Ikuta, and Ano #MabunaKankei. Celebrating the anime movie "Dead Dead Demons" depicts the despair that blends into everyday life. Dead Dead Demons Dedede Destruction" Let's enjoy fashion ethically. Rikako Sasaki wears SDGs items. MOVIE & BOOK GUIDE to feel more familiar with "SDGs 17 Goals". The "House of Ninjas" is a portrait of "ninjas living in the modern age". Kenjin Garai CLOSE UP Raku Kawashita & Taro Yoshikawa Believe in our dreams! - Believe in our dreams