[Machine Translation] A year has passed since Yuzuru Hanyu opened a new door as a figure skater. During this period, Sports Nippon Shimbun photographer Yoshinori Koumi has carefully selected photos taken by Yuzuru Hanyu, and is releasing a photo book titled "y (small letter Y)". The book includes photos from "Ashura-chan" and "Ano Natsu He" as well as "SharePractice", "PROLOGUE", and "STARS ON ICE". Many previously unpublished photos are also included. The book is designed by art director Toshiyuki Kojima, as in the previous photo book. Compared to the previous book, the paper is of a higher quality and the left and right sizes are wider. The hardcover is easy to open due to the new binding. The specifications and content have evolved to match the needs of Yuzuru Hanyu, who has turned pro.