[Machine Translation] UteenB", a mook magazine featuring teen idols and actresses, has published its long-awaited second issue. The cover features two fourth-year students from Hyuhizaka 46, Kaho Fujishima and Rina Watanabe, in a 20-page long gravure photo shoot in a boarding house-style old building, wearing school uniforms and white one-pieces. Many of the shots show off the beauty of the two girls, who have an outstanding purity. Their pure and happy smiles are first-class! Don't miss this precious photogravure of these two girls overflowing with charm. At the end of the book, there is a photo album of Morning Musume. 23, the 17-year-old trio of Homare Okamura, Aki Yamazaki, and Rio Sakurai appear. You can see their slightly sad expressions in school and sea situations on ....... Their expression of the subtleties of a wavering heart is a must-see. Eighteen-year-old Hena Kikuchi, who has leaped to the top runner in the gravure world, also makes an appearance. In this work, shot just before her graduation from high school, she is photographed in school uniform and swimsuit, as well as in the image of a college student. Other fresh girls include 17-year-old Suzu Suzuhara Suzu, a supernova who suddenly appeared on the scene; 18-year-old Yuzuna Kanai, who was selected as one of the 16 best girls in Miss Maga 2022; and Hal Higa from the idol group Kasumigusa and Stella, in her first swimsuit! Also featured are 16-year-old Rinmi, who served as the 18th high school soccer cheerleading manager; 15-year-old Hana Ishikawa, who is active as a model and singer; 17-year-old Sara Hayama, who has appeared in many popular commercials; and AKB48 17th term research students Shingon Kohama and Eriko Hashimoto, a pair of high school juniors! Please look forward to a very satisfying issue that will not stop featuring beautiful girls! The appendix is a B3 size oversized poster of Hyugaizaka46 / Kaho Fujishima and Rina Watanabe.