[Machine Translation] (The book is a collection of photos of Manatsu Akimoto, who recently announced her graduation from Nogizaka46 on February 26, 2012. The main photo shoot was taken as a "graduation trip" around Mt. Fuji, which she climbed twice to pray for a hit. In addition, a photo shoot and interview with junior members was conducted at her request, and a photo shoot inspired by a song that is very important to Manatsu Akimoto was also conducted. A long interview looking back on the past is also included. Please take a look at this compilation of the idol Manatsu Akimoto. ( Manatsu Akimoto's comment ) I have decided to release my graduation photo book. 11 years ago, it was natural for me to think about the future of Nogizaka no matter what I did. It was a strange feeling to think that I was photographing the end of my life in Nogizaka, but thanks to the warmth given to me by many people since I joined Nogizaka, I looked very happy in this graduation photo book. I hope you will be able to feel the 11 years I spent in Nogizaka46.