[Machine Translation] This magical collection of photographs captures Kaho's girlish sparkle and breath in a nostalgic, warm atmosphere. The photography is by Masumi Ishida. He is a self-taught photographer who has worked for magazines such as ( GINZA ) and ( POPEYE ), and in 2018, at the age of 19, he was selected as an advertising creative for ( Calorie Mate ), an exceptional achievement for a 23-year-old young spearhead of photography. (The word "day before yesterday" means the day before the day before yesterday, a phrase Ishida has used since he was a child. The title of his photo book is based on this innocent and nostalgic-sounding word. Ishida's creative photographic technique is centered on the accumulation of snapshots of everyday scenes. In this collection, Ishida followed Kaho's daily life through her eyes. Ishida's hand makes ordinary, everyday life sparkle like a fresh diamond in the rough. The filming took place over a period of two years. The distance between Ishida and her subject, Kaho, gradually grew closer. They went on trips and filmed her on a casual stroll. Finally, he even managed to capture her sleeping face, something Kaho was not even aware of. The photographs, taken at an exquisite distance as if they were breathing together, as if they were living in the same room, created unexpected scenes through the chemical reaction between the photographer and the subjects, and became one special photograph at that particular moment. What is reflected in the photographs is just Kaho, stripped of excess and projected as a purer being.