[Machine Translation] [Beginner's level] / Sukkiri! Los geht 's mit Deutsch2 - introductory edition - sequel to "Sukkiri! Los geht 'mit Deutsch2" - introductory edition. This course is a sequel to the introductory course "Sukkiri! ( New ) * Lesson 49 - 60 / The department store is closing! It is visited by many tourists. / Who composed that operetta? / There used to be a great deal of discussion here. My shirt is still not ironed! ... Munich: Eine Geschichte der Hauptstadt der Kunst -This course will help you develop your German reading comprehension skills while unraveling the culture and history of Munich from the beginning of the 19th century to the present. ( New ) *Lessons 9-16 / Munich at the turn of the century 1: The Regent's Palace period / Munich at the turn of the century 2: City of Arts / Munich and the King of Painters / Munich and German Symbolism / Schwabing's People 1: The Men of Letters ... Others ... etc. ... etc.