Animator, intro & outro director, and animation director Masashi Ishihama's first artwork is finally here! He has designed characters for "R.O.D.", "N.H.K.! e Yokoso", "Uchushow e Yokoso", and as a director of "Shinsekaiyori", "PERSONA5 the Animation", and "Horimiya", Mr. Ishihama's copyright illustrations, storyboards, and original drawings are on display! The book also includes a lot of intro & outro works that have become synonymous with Ishihama. The books talks about how the intro and outro themes that have attracted so many anime fans, such as "Shingeki no Kyojin", "Bleach", and "Tokyo Ravens", were created, along with the storyboards and the secrets behind the creation of each work! In addition, a special talks with Hideyuki Kurata, an anime scriptwriter, is included in this edition.