[Machine Translation] Misae Eto, who graduated from Nogizaka46 this March with her first solo concert and is now active as an actress on stage and in movies, has released her photobook "Decision"! She chose Iceland in Northern Europe as the location for the book. In the overwhelming scale of nature, we photographed her strong, flexible, and beautiful figure at a turning point in her life. At the hotel, she not only looks dainty and beautiful, but also a little mature and sexy! The photos also feature Misae Eto's personal clothes, which she coordinates according to her schedule, and her makeup, which she does herself as a cosmetics fanatic. She has been an underdog in Nogizaka46 for a long time, and when she stumbled in her acting. In this long interview, she talks about what she has learned and realized since she has been hitting many obstacles, stumbling and struggling to overcome each time. How did a girl born in Oita, who was hospitalized all the time due to a serious illness in her childhood, become a member of Nogizaka46? The interview introduces the history of her childhood. In a mother-daughter talk in her hometown of Oita Prefecture, we get to know the real face of Misae Eto that no one else knows! The book contains everything about Misae Eto along with photos that will move you to tears after reading the book! (Comment by Misae Eto) "The year 2019 was a year of great upheaval for me in my private life after graduating from Nogizaka46. It was because of this year that I chose Iceland as the location for the photo shoot, where you can feel the energy of the earth, which is not easy to visit normally. The grueling shoot, with waterfalls and precipitous cliffs that had me soaking wet, was so stimulating that it changed my values up until now. I think I was able to show not only a cute but also a mature woman with a bit of strength in this photo book! I hope that men and women alike will take a look at it! I hope many men and women will see it!