[Machine Translation] Jogasaki, a fifth-grade girl who lives nearby, invites me to go to the beach in the morning to see whales, a girl who seems to live only by her energy. I, a high school senior, do as she asks and go to the beach with her. We are eleven and seventeen years old, and I don't think we are in love. It's just a usual summer Wednesday that the two of us spend together. I wish these peaceful days could go on forever. On summer mornings, I wake up in front of the mirror as usual to organize information. I brush my hair out of my face and switch my name to mine. I checked the day of the week and it was Wednesday. I'm going to do my best for about three days this time too. And then Jogasaki-san declares, "I want to destroy this world. I want to destroy this world. In a closed seaside town, she and I meet again today.