[Machine Translation] A gourmet mystery with the ultimate healing experience for those of you who work hard every day! A heartwarming cup of happiness for you. Shizuku, a soup shop tucked away in a back alley in an office district, serves a special soup only available early in the morning. Rie, an office worker who had been feeling ill due to stress, finds that a bowl of soup prepared by the owner, Asano, solves both her problems and her stress. One day, Rie sees Asano's daughter, Dew, walking with a mysterious woman. Asano had an idea about the woman whom Dew referred to as "mother. Then, Asano's encounter with a female police officer, Shizuku Asano, and a "certain incident" come back to his mind. ...... This is a healing mystery that will bring tears to your eyes with the "feelings of those who are by your side.