[Machine Translation] ( cover & front cover ) Nightmare Nightmare, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their major label debut in August 2013, is featured on the cover and front cover of this issue. (Special Feature) / My commandments ( the GazettE ) Entering their 12th year since their formation, the GazettE is set to release a single in August and an album in October. In the third installment of our personal series, we introduce the band's leader, Kai. vistlip will release their third full-length album "CHRONUS" on July 17. We asked them to talk about the songs on the album. We will send you the photos taken by vistlip. Antique Coffee Shop - Interview with Antique Coffee Shop, who will release the third single of "Harajuku Sanbu-saku Returns" on August 14! DaizyStripper DaizyStripper will release "HELLO,again" on August 14, the fourth single of their five-month consecutive release that started in May. R-zeki. We present an interview and new photos about their single "Sekai no Owari" to be released on July 17. In addition, THE KIDDIE, Jupiter, "extraterritoriality VOL.3" dialogue, Unite, Igaguri Chiba (Sendai Cargo), etc. (Binding appendix) Special photo card (Nightmare)