[Cabinet] Center: Solid Maple with "Fuki Urushi" (wiped lacquer) finishing
[Element] 010e007 (cellulose nanofiber-based diaphragm applied) 10mm Dynamic Type x 2 (for each ch)
[Acoustic System] Twin-Equalized-Element System
[Sound Pressure Level] 104dBSPL/mW
[Frequency] 3.5Hz-45kHz (High-resolution compatible)
[Maximum Input] 400mW
[Impedance] 18 Ohms
[Weight] 17g / 200g (incl. accessories) (approx.)
[Cable] 1.2m (Y type)
[Plug] 3.5mm Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug

Comply T-200 Ear Tip x 2 (Size: M, L / M is attached to the main unit)
Silicone Ear Tip (final, E type) x 5 (Size: SS, S, M, L, LL)
L type Cable Adapter
Wooden Casing for housing
Instruction Manual / Warranty Card

[Important Notes] Cancellation and return will NOT be possible after you order this product, except for the initial failure.
[Shipping Restriction] This product can not be shipped to the following countries/regions due to a restriction set by the manufacturer: China.
[Product Warranty] The warranty is 14 months, and the warranty starts from the day you place the order. You can confirm the date at your account page.

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[Feature]World's First CNF-contained Headphones: Ocharaku Flat4 KAEDE III/AKAKAEDE III