[Machine Translation] This time, the span is 4 months! Including "POP LIFE" released in March this year, LYMESTER has had three consecutive Top Ten hit albums, and is still going strong on the 10th anniversary of their major label debut. The lead track, the nostalgic "Flashback, Summer," which brings a refreshing summer breeze, has already been well received on tour. (DJ Mitsu the Beats of GAGLE, from Sendai, produced the track. ), the first self-produced song by Mummy-D/Mr. Drunk in 5 years, and "Summer Anthem," a surf-rock hip-hop anthem. The album also includes a song by DJ PMX and TAKE. Also included are two versions of the remix of "Flashback, Summer," by DJ PMX and TAKU (m-flo) respectively. This is the definitive summer song collection for the summer of 2011! The song will be the ending theme for TBS's "Saki Kamikami! TBS series "Saki Kamisama!" Ending theme determined!