[Machine Translation] Winner of many rankings! The popular cast of Wu Lei and Chao Ru-soo's "Chou Kou" reunite! The second volume of the DVD-BOX series, an epic romance about a young general who lives for revenge and a heroine who tries to free herself from her destiny. --Cheng Shaoshang is raised by his grandmother and aunt, who do not like his mother, and is not given proper food or education. One day, when his grandmother and aunt heard that Cheng Shaocheng's parents were returning, they hurriedly called him back from the countryside. On the way, Cheng encounters Ling Bu-yi, who says he is chasing bandits, and Cheng tactfully informs Ling Bu-yi of the bandits' whereabouts. Then, he is reunited with his parents, who have been waiting for him for a long time. However, Cheng Shaocheng is disappointed to find that his mother is kind to other people's children but strict with her own daughter. Meanwhile, Ling Fushan, intrigued by Cheng Shao-cheng's courage and resourcefulness, asks Cheng Shao-cheng for his cooperation in finding out the truth behind the diversion of military supplies, and in exchange for not revealing Cheng Shao-cheng's scheme, he asks Cheng to help him obtain something. In this way, the two men gradually come to feel closer to each other. Then one day, Cheng Shaocheng and his childhood friend Lou Yao are proposed to each other... Contains episodes 15 to 28. Includes a 20-page storybook.