[Machine Translation] I tailor beautiful clothes and a happy future for four young people in 1960s Seoul, where their passion and love intersect! A success and love story about a heroine who aspires to become a fashion designer! DVD-BOX Volume 6. Lee Ha-yul ("Night Watchman" and "Hwajeong") and Cha Do-jin ("Empress Odd") are cast as the two men who are in love with the heroine. The two are opposite sides of the same coin, with Lee Ha-yul's noble and orthodox boy and Cha Do-jin's wild and outlaw-like boy. --Bong Hee is the daughter of the president of a spinning and weaving company, and her dream is to become the best fashion designer in Korea. However, her life changes drastically when Bong-hee's father is murdered. Ten years later, Jung-hyun appears before Bong-hee, who works at a dyeing factory to support her family, and the two have a fateful reunion. The two are reunited by fate. Episodes 107-128 are included.