[Machine Translation] The long-awaited Season 2 starring Takatake Inukai! The long-awaited season 2 starring Takatake Inukai! )... The mob battle begins again in the BL world full of good looking guys! This time, a total of 20 good looking guys appear! This is the world of a manga - and a BL (Boys' Love) manga at that. The main character of this story is a "mob" (= one in a crowd, many others) who attends a certain university. He is a mob (Takatake Inukai) who should have lived his life without being involved in the BL that happens one after another in this world. He never wanted to be a BL, but he finally confesses to his classmate Kikuchi ( Ito Asahi ) that he likes her. ) to his classmate Kikuchi ( Ito Asahi ). Just when they thought they would finally graduate from the mob and live as main characters in this world with Kikuchi, a handsome guy named Igarashi ( Kenta Inozuka ) appeared in front of them. ( I finally realized it when I moved away from him. He tells Kikuchi that he has feelings for her and kisses her passionately right in front of her eyes...! ( Even if the biggest flag of my life is up, I'm still a mob of the top ) - Having reaffirmed this, the mob once again throws itself into a tough battle against the BL flag.... Booklet enclosed (planned).