[Machine Translation] Affair and revenge! Teenage passion! Gray youth scattered in waves! The long-awaited first DVD release of a unique coming-of-age film by New Toho, challenging the "Taiyo-zoku" line. Directed by Yoshimiki Onoda, who showed his exceptional talent in "Onna Slave Ship" and "Naked Woman and Murder Maze (Kasuba)". Starring Matsubara Midorio, who played a charming assassin in "Nyotai Uzumakijima", and Mitsuya Utako, who also shows her innocent beauty in genre films. --One hot summer day. One hot summer day, Mitsuko is enjoying a vacation with her boyfriend, Yoshikawa, on the Zushi seaside. However, Mitsuko is abducted and beaten by three gangsters who suddenly appear. In despair, Mitsuko leaves a will to her mother and brother, Shiro, and takes her own life. Shiro learns about the situation from Yoshikawa, and with the help of Mitsuko's friend Fusayo, he appeals to the police to investigate the perpetrators. However, the police refuse to answer his appeal. Shiro decides to avenge his sister's death with his own hands. From that day on, he continues to search the beach in midsummer in pursuit of the three fools. Shiro finds the trio at a makeshift dance hall on the beach and challenges them, but is grabbed by the police and imprisoned in a juvenile reformatory. Time passed, and Shiro was released from prison, but instead of returning to his parents' house, he roosted on the second floor of a pachinko parlor, looking for a chance to meet the trio. Meanwhile, Shiro meets a woman, and their hearts begin to grow closer.