The popular project by VTuber group "hololive", "hololive IDOL PROJECT", is releasing its first ever nationally distributed full-length album! The album contains a total of 11 songs, including original songs released by "hololive IDOL PROJECT", songs from the "Floral Circlet" series, songs released in nine consecutive weeks that have been booming on the streaming charts, plus new songs.

hololive IDOL PROJECT "Bouquet" has various store exclusive versions with unique bonus. They are available to order at CDJapan via our proxy shopping service.If you want to but them, you need to pay service fees to purchase them. More details.

w/ Akaikuma-san bonus: a can badge "Shiranui Flare & Shirogane Noel"
w/ Gamers bonuses: a can badge "Uruha Rushia & Houshou Marine" & a sticker
w/ Sofmap/Animega bonuses: an A5 cloth poster "Sakura Miko & Usada Pekora" & a sticker
w/ Rakuten Books bonuses: a clear bookmark "Amane Kanata & Tokoyami Towa" & a sticker
w/ Animate bonuses: a can badge "Minato Aqua & Murasaki Shion" & a sticker
w/ Melonbooks bonuses: a clear folder "Aki Rosenthal & Shirakami Fubuki & Natsuiro Matsuri" & a sticker
w/ HMV bonuses: a holographic postcard & a sticker
w/ Toranoana bonuses: a photo "Roboco-san & Yozora Mel & Yuzuki Choco" & a sticker
w/ bonus: a sticker
w/ Tower Records bonus: a sticker