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Retrospective: A Blossoming Storyteller 4

Looking back after a year since this EPS release, here's my honest thoughts. While getting your stuff physically produced is an achivement to be proud of, for sure. the music's is released since this release has cause me to revisit this ep less then expected. While it's not a bad EP it doesn't really hold up compared to her newer stuff, but then again this can be said about any artist who's still honing their craft. Do I still recommend this to fans?, yes of course. Do I recommend this to the mainstream hip-hop enthusiast?, no her style is not for everybody.

Banger music must buy 5

Loved every song in this. Calli's style of rapping and the layers present within the lyrics is absolutely phenomenal


This album is very good if you are think of buying it I'd would highly recommend it since it shows the support and if you want higher quality audio then this will definitely not disappoint if you have a stack with a good pair of headphones the composition of this album is absolutely immaculate. The shipping is a bit crazy but nonetheless I'd would highly recommend to pick up the album and add it to your collection.

beautiful 4

The album arrived in perfect condition, the cover has very nice art, it's worth what you pay. definitely recommended

Stunning album 5

Songs have such nice fitting lyrics, with tons of emotions in them. Mori Calliope always performs at a high level. Hope her next album will be just as great. 10 out of 10, must buy!

Great! 5

EP came in perfect condition and was shipped very nicely! The bonus sticker was nice to get as well and will contribute to my Hololive collection.

I love it 5

I love everything about the cd and album it came safely and i love the design and the music ofc and its by mori calliope so ofc its worth it!!

Not a fan of rap/hip hop but I like this 5

You can heard a 4 out of 5 songs on YouTube this is more of a novelty, but if you want to here the fifth song "empress" this is so far the only way without "certain ways". Get it if you want to support your Boi and want to hear empress, the art by rei is also amazing, after I put empress on my phone I recommend getting a good frame, or find your own way to hang it on the wall.

Love it 5

I'm very happy with my order even though there was a small problem at the beginning because the product was backordered so it took some time to arrive. I was also surprised in a good way when the description showed that there were no more external bonus but I still got one. All in all I'm happy I bought it.

mori calliope 1

From the preview it sounds like a bad copy of Cyndi Lauper music from the 1980's with that wrestler guy Lou Albano who had rubber bands on his facial hair / beard. Its been a while but I think the name of that song was "girls just want to have fun."

Really cool CD 5

As always Calli giving us really cool and strong music, without a doubt my favorite on this EP is Red. The cover looks beautiful and the extra song and the sticker are a nice addition, Thank you for such and amazing work Calli and Im looking forward to hear more from you <3

Item arrived safely 5

Hello CDJapan Team! Too bad I can't include any photos, but the album arrived safely! I ordered it with another album and the package is safely, nicely and neatly! No problem is found and all info are also displayed accurately as well~ Thank you and stay safe!

Bewitching 5

I loved Mori Calliope's music since the day I first heard it but I have to say that this EP enchanted me and I*can't stop listening to it. I'm happy to have bought it and can't help but recommend it to anyone who's reading this.

Marvelous 5

The CD just arrived, it awesome, beautiful! I must admit I expected a bigger sticker (1/4 of the CD box) yet... It has a soul, blood and tears. Thanks for this amazing peace of art!!

Cool songs, Dad 5

Crazy fast shipping, only took 4 days for overseas delivery. Bought this because I wanted to support your Boy directly, Amazing writing by Mori as usual.

GUH~ 5

The CD's cover looks cool, I love all of the songs, especially Bully "Love the me that's killing you~".

A fun listen to. 4

I only recently started listening to Calliope's Music and I enjoy it quite a lot with an admiration for her awesome ability to spit bars. So, I had to buy this CD after streaming it on Apple Music. I love that we get a little sticker that comes with it and an extra song that's available only on the CD to help incentivize buying it. I'd say my favorite songs in this release are definitely "The Grim Reaper is a Live-Streamer" and "Red." That does not discount the quality that "Guh" and "IJIMEKKO Bully" also bring to the table. After all, listening to the soundtrack more, all these songs will probably be my favorites over time. If you've come for Calli's Music then I can only recommend buying this soundtrack, it's a very good compilation of the experience and passion she's been gaining since the start of her career. Looking forward to whatever else she'll grace us with as her career continues into the future.

A W E S O M E!!! 5

Okay so I didn’t buy the CD but I listened to the entire playlist (excluding the song I couldn’t listen to cuz it’s only on the CD so I have no opinion on that one) BUT other than that the entire “Your Mori.” Album is really just replay-able. On moris birthday I just kept listening to the songs and I just love them, if you can get this Physical version I highly recommend it.

Deadbeats deadbeats rise up ! 5

I'm excited to receive this, my favorites so far from the samples are The Grim Reaper is a Live-streamer and guh the external goods are another reason i purchased this so may that be a plus for you :D

Astounding! Pre-Release Comment

All five tracks are amazing. I haven't made a final decision yet, but either Red or GUH is my favorite. They are ALL blazing with greatness, but these two speak to me the most. You can tell Mori really put herself into each track, if not each line. I'm going to love this for a long time. Thank you, Mori Calliope. Continue being the death god of epic rap. You are astounding. (Side note: Unlike others, I don't know how to mispronounce Calliope because I read the Iliad and the Odyssey in eight days. Only took three tries.)


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