[Machine Translation] I want to watch it over and over again! Watch it all in one sitting! The thrill of the heart is captured in one package! The masterpiece of Asian drama is now available as a limited time production (Complete Simple BD-BOX) series at the attractive special price of 6,000 yen per box (excluding tax)! A top star falls in love with a goddess of bad luck! Park Si-hoo, the prince of high ratings "Babel: Spiral of Love and Revenge", is back in a romantic comedy! A top star and a failed screenwriter, is their love promising a perfect future or a turbulent life? A life in turmoil? An unpredictable love scandal unfolds! --Philip, a top Korean star, wins an award at a film festival in the U.S. just before his 34th birthday. He is on a roll in his life, but after returning to Korea, he encounters an incident. He has the worst encounter with Woosun, an aspiring screenwriter who has had a string of bad luck and is injured while protecting him. Soon after, he is reunited with the star of a new drama and the scriptwriter who is making his debut in that film. Sung-jun, who is in love with Wool-soon, also joins the drama as a director. Philip tries to keep his distance from Woolsun, but they end up living together...! BOX 2: Episodes 9-16 (16 episodes). Includes 2 main disc + 1 bonus disc: NBC Universal Photo Gallery DVD disc B (still images, no subtitles). Only the full-length drama is included. Booklet and other accessories are not included.