[Machine Translation] Allen Ren from "Royal Mission" and Angelababy from "Montage of Skyscraper - Horizon Tower" make up an absolutely beautiful couple! Two heartbroken people meet by fate and are healed by each other's presence while living together.... No. 1 in numerous drama rankings! A heartwarming love story that tells a romantic tale that will make your heart ache. --Liu Xia, a psychotherapist, decides to leave her job and start her own business. To save money, she looks for a roommate, but to her surprise, a young screenwriter named Qi Lian Shan shows up. Liu Xia is surprised to learn that her contract is with a man, but she has no choice but to move in with him. Their work and daily lives have nothing in common, and their days are full of stress. But one day, just as they are reaching the end of their patience, something happens that brings their hearts even closer together! Liu Xia is being harassed by her old employer, and Qi Lian Shan is forced to make unwilling changes to his script in order to meet a deadline. DVD-SET 1 contains episodes 1-12 (40 episodes in total, 3 sets).