[Machine Translation] Winner of many distribution ranking No.1! Romance After Marriage" Wang Zhuqi and Wang Yuwen, a popular couple, are back together again! A CEO who reunites with his ex-lover after a bad breakup discovers that he is now the father of a baby boy...? When the threads of misunderstanding are untied under the same roof, love begins to flow again in this sweet, heart-pounding romantic comedy! --Min Hui, a career woman working hard while raising her children, is reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Shin Chi, whom she broke up with five years ago, at a party. He used to suffer from heart disease, but overcame his illness to become a young CEO of an investment company. Due to a misunderstanding, he continues to hold a grudge against her, claiming that she cheated on him and disappeared without his permission. However, the misunderstanding is cleared up as they get to know each other through their work, and their hearts are drawn together again. During a visit to the hospital for a follow-up on a heart condition, Shin Chi meets a boy. The boy is Min Hui's son, whom she has been raising without telling him. The next day, she moves into Min Hui's house and is overjoyed to find out that she has a son. SET1: Includes episodes 1-14 (28 episodes). Leaflet (4 pages) enclosed.