[Machine Translation] The masterpieces of Asian dramas are now available as a limited time production (Complete Simple DVD-BOX) series! Wallace Chung (Orphan's Flower~General&I~) and Tang Sung-yun (Royal Mission~) are the two top stars of the series! A man who is clumsy in love and a brilliant woman with a strong heart get married for political reasons. What started as a marriage of mutual indifference gradually transforms into a couple overflowing with tenderness and compassion - a blockbuster historical romance that has become the No. 1 hit in terms of empathy! --In the Ming Dynasty, a bastard daughter born to a mother of low status, Juichijo, had hoped to leave the uncomfortable Luo family and lead a free life, but after the death of her older sister, she is forced to marry her husband, the taciturn general Xu Lingyi. After her sister's death, she married Xu Lingyi, a taciturn general. Since Xu Lingyi lost her father and became a pillar of the Xu family at a young age, she was exhausted from the responsibility of protecting the family and the political struggles she had to face. Although they were married without any interest in each other, Xu Lingyi gradually became attracted to her eleventh daughter when she saw her honesty and the way she gave her sound advice. The eleventh daughter gradually opens her heart to her kind husband, but she suspects that her mother's mysterious death may have been avenged by the Xu family...? BOX 1: Contains episodes 1-15 (45 episodes). Contains the full-length drama only. Booklet and other accessories are not included.