[Machine Translation] The masterpieces of Asian dramas are now available as a limited time production (Complete Simple DVD-BOX) series! Chao Li-yin from "Chuxiang Deng" and Wang Yibo from "Chen Jiang Deng" star together for the first time! The heroine, who inherits the most powerful swordsmanship, and the mysterious nobleman face off against a powerful enemy to change the turbulent world in this epic action-romance period drama! The director of "Chuxiaoden: Thorn Blossoms" dramatizes the best-selling novel by Priest, the author of "Shanheji". --The story takes place during the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Zhou Jade, the daughter of the head of the 48 zhai, a group of 48 factions in Jianghu, meets Xie Yun, a master of light techniques, who has broken through the zhai's strong defenses. The text he delivers causes Zhou Jade's father to leave the mountain, and father and daughter are separated. After continuing her training and gaining recognition for her achievements, Zhou Jade is reunited with Xie Yun on her way back down the mountain for a mission. When Zhou Jade discovers that her old enemy, the Chisatsu Villa, is inflicting suffering on the people, she decides to join forces with Xie Yun in order to defeat them. Along the way, they meet martial arts masters and grow as they confront various enemies, and the two gradually grow closer. BOX 4: Contains episodes 41-51 (51 episodes). Only the main drama will be included. Booklets and other accessories are not included.