Artist MCU, a member of the Hip-Hop group KICK THE CAN CREW, which has won numerous music awards and is one of Japan's leading Hip-Hop groups, has collaborated with SEGA's classic video games to release a solo mini-album that combines Hip-Hop and chiptunes from 80's video games and now has released a solo mini-album! MCU, who is known as one of the best gamers and retro game collectors in the music industry and is an avowed fan of SEGA games, has created a new mini album based on the concept of SEGA's classic arcade and home video games from the 80's: Fantasy Zone, Pengo, Alex Kid, and Gain Ground. Four newly written songs are included. The cover artwork was done by Yoshiteru Tsujino, known as Torajiro Tsujino, one of Japan's leading illustrators and "painter" who has designed characters for many classic games such as the "Tengai Makyo" series and "Sakura Taisen" series.