Hit action comedy directed by Takashi Miike ("Audition," "Dead or Alive" series, "Ichi the Killer"). It stars Miike regular Sho Aikawa as Shin-ichi, a loser who tries to escape everyday life by dressing himself as superhero Zebraman. The show got cancelled 34 years ago after only seven episodes, but that doesn't stop him from acting out his fantasy. Donning his self-made black and white Zebraman suit, Shin-ichi patrols the town pretending to be his beloved hero. Soon, a UFO crashlands and the town is threatened by an evil green crab-alien. Shin-ichi/Zebraman gets more than he bargained for when he realizes he's the only one who stands between the evil (and ugly) alien menace and a happy, monster-free neighborhood community. The film marks Aikawa's 100th silver screen appearance, and he's as great as ever! Extras include a bonus disc (60-minute making-of featurette, extensive staff & cast interviews, & much more), a booklet, TV-ban "Zebraman no Subete (All about Zebraman)," black-and-white newspaper extra, "Zebraman" song CD single, 2010 calendar, a tin badge, a ballpoint pen, character sticker(s), a filmstrip from the theatrical movie. Comes housed in a special "Zebra Box." (Regular edition: DSTD-2340)