Reissue from AKB48's "studio recordings collection" series featuring remastering. Comes with a karaoke CD. Part of 10-album AKB48 remastered reissue series features albums, Team A 1st stage "PARTY ga Hajimaruyo," Team A 2nd stage "Aitakatta," Team A 3rd stage "Dareka no Tame ni ," Team A 4th stage "Tada Ima Renai Chu," Team K 1st stage "PARTY ga Hajimaruyo," Team K 2nd stage "Seishun Girls," Team K 3rd stage "Nonai Paradise," Team B 1st stage "Seishun Girls," Team B 2nd stage "Aitakatta," and Himawari Gumi 1st stage "Boku no Taiyo.