[Machine Translation] Kazuhiko Kato + Rei Obara + Masami Tsuchiya + Gota Yashiki + ANZA = Vitamin-Q featuring ANZA. The four members, who have continued to record their influence and imprint on the music world, including countless hits around the world, producing albums that are considered masterpieces, and their own vast careers, have suddenly formed a band! The main vocalist of the band is ANZA, an up-and-coming artist who has performed in numerous musicals and other stage productions, as well as in the internationally acclaimed mixed-music band "HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT". This debut album is a one-of-a-kind original album, with songs written by each of the band members and completed under the concept of the UK. The album features 12 songs that blend various tastes such as rock, glam, punk, and Liverpool Sounds. Lyricists include Yukinojo Mori, Kenzo Saeki, and Chris Mosbell.