A set of two types of calendars.

[Wall Hanging Type] A2 size. 7 pages. Starts from April. Features alternate shots from cover artwork of "Sang."
[Desktop Type] Size: 10cm x 14.8cm. 13 pages. Starts from April. Features behind-the-scenes of KAMIJO's works.

[Important Notes] Due to shipping delay from the manufacturer to warehouse, this product will start to be shipped on several days after the original release date (Mar 21).

[Availability] The calendars may sometimes take extra 3-5 days than indicated to become available for shipment. [Product Image] The image displayed above may not represent the actual calendar design. [Item Weight] In case the actual calendar weight proves to be greater, the shipping charge may be subject to change when your order becomes available for shipment. We will contact you for your approval before sending your order if that happens. To minimize this from happening, we recommend you to order calendars separately from different types of products such as magazines, books, CDs, and DVDs.