[Machine Translation] The first volume of the DVD-BOX of the historical drama based on the Ganlu Incident, a historical event in China, is a love story between a young emperor who loses his power to a eunuch and a female guard who risks her life to protect him. Chen Yi and Zhang Yuxi, who starred in the 2020 Chinese blockbuster fantasy historical drama "Ryuri: Two Encounters, Two Enclosed Loves," reprise their roles in this love story. --During the reign of the Daxing Dynasty, a group of tyrannical eunuchs were in control of the government. After the death of Emperor Wen-tsung, Qi-en is enthroned as emperor by the eunuch Avenger Liang. The young emperor, considered mediocre and unpopular, was unable to seize real power. In the midst of all this, Cheng Young-yu, a member of the Purple Cloak Bureau, enters the palace as the emperor's bodyguard. Meanwhile, Avenger Yan Liang's adopted daughter, Avenger Yan Liang, is deceptively beautiful and has more wisdom than anyone else, serving the chess team led by Avenger Liang.... Contains episodes 1 to 17.