[Machine Translation] A scout's eye is his life. Ganryoku Gohara (Muro Tsuyoshi), a scout for the "Yokohama Bay Goals", is a talented scout by his own admission and by others. His goal is to find hidden talents from all over the country and select the No. 1 "Draft King" among the players selected in the draft conference. He has heated discussions with Ryosuke Kamiki (Hyou Miyazawa), a former professional player and new scout, Rikuo Shimobe (Denden), the head of the scouting department, and other members of the scouting team, as they continue their struggle to strengthen the team. Meanwhile, Ryuji Busujima (Masato Ibu), a veteran scout of the "Osaka White Tigers" who is feared as a "hub," is also involved in the scouting activities, aiming to acquire a talented player. Will Gohara and his team be able to find the gem and win the "Draft King"? 10 episodes in total.