[Machine Translation] Everyone has an important "lie" that cannot be told to others. What is the ray of light that shines through when you touch the "depths of the heart" floating in the tranquility of everyday life? --Kanae, the owner of a public bathhouse, is at a loss when her husband Satoru suddenly disappears. When she manages to reopen the bathhouse, a mysterious man named Hori comes to her, saying that he wants to work there, and they begin a strange life together. Meanwhile, Kanae is introduced to a shady detective named Yamazaki by her friend Kanno, and they begin to search for Satoru's whereabouts, and Kanae learns many unknown facts about her husband. The feelings that Satoru, Hori, and Kanae themselves had buried deep in their hearts gradually begin to emerge... The bonus disc (DVD) includes making-of and event footage.