[Machine Translation] Five Scary Stories from Rakugo. Rakugo" is actually a treasure trove of scary stories. This is the second season of this new sensation drama series based on Rakugo, which depicts scary stories caused by various human desires in an omnibus format with overwhelming visual beauty. The five performances featured in this film, six episodes in all, are performed by the same splendid cast as in the previous season. The following are in order: YOSHIDA Yoh for the masterpiece of the "Paper Money", YOSHIOKA Riho for "Shinagawa shinju (Shinagawa shinju)", in which a prostitute (Oiran) forces a man to commit suicide, OKADA Masaki for "Kaburazawa", YASUDA Ken for "Gonsuke chochin", in which the young master and his companion are at odds with his wife and his bride, and GOTSUKE CHOTAN (Gonzuke chochin), in which the two hermits are playing a game of "shitaigo" (a go-between), and YOSHIDA KEN for "Gonzuke chochin". Yutaka Matsushige and Shiro Ito star in "Kasa Go," in which two retired men have a dispute over a bad game of Go. The script was written by three female writers, Buto Buto, Yamada Yuri, and Tachi Sorami, as in the previous season. The story is narrated by Kyotaro Yanagiya, one of the most ticketed rakugo storytellers of all time. While the story is set in the Edo period and based on rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling), it retains the same old "fear of human beings" and adds an original essence to the story.