[Machine Translation] A coming-of-age school love story about college students who live out their glorious youth like fresh greenery from afar. The first DVD-BOX of "Green Spring in the distance". --Jun (Park Ji-hoon), a new student at Myung-Il University, is born into a wealthy family and is the most popular guy in the school. He is friendly and generous to everyone, but in fact, he has problems with his family and hides his true feelings from the world. One day, Joon meets Soo-hyun ( Bae In-young ), a senior. Su-hyun, who has excellent grades but comes from a poor family, works day and night at a part-time job to earn money for his younger brother. The students around her keep their distance from the cool Suhyun, but Joon likes Suhyun's straightforward attitude and shows her his own human side for the first time, unlike the other students around him who only see the best in him. Su-hyun, who did not have a good impression of Joon, gradually becomes interested in Joon. On the other hand, Seobin (Kang Mina) is an ordinary student with little presence and is coldly treated by the professor. She applies to be an assistant to the professor, but it is discovered that Joon has already been chosen as an assistant. Joon proposes to Seobin that they become true friends in exchange for the assistantship. As they gradually grow closer, the three of them decide to form a group for an assignment... From afar, they are university students living a glorious, fresh, green youth, but inside they all have their own problems. Through friendship and love, they face their own problems. Includes episodes 1-6.